Secrets of Skinny Cooking, by Victoria Dwek and Shani Taub

June 2019

Eating healthy can be challenging and uninspiring to many. There is something psychologically satisfying for many, myself included about eating food laden in fat and calories.  Low-calorie food/recipes can be just as enjoyable as those bogged down with calories and fat. The authors of Secrets of Skinny Cooking, Victoria Dwek and Shani Taub show home cooks how to create exciting, flavorful, and filling meals for a fraction of the fat and calories they are used to. Victoria Dwek is a six-time cookbook author, and managing editor of Whisk magazine. Shani Taub is a certified nutritionist, and weight loss counselor.

Secrets of Skinny Cooking is an easy, educational culinary read with straightforward recipes which makes home cooking uncomplicated, whether you’re a novice or skilled home cook. If you’re in the market for an inspiring new cookbook those reasons alone are worthy of a purchase, but what tips the favor scales here is, every recipe in Secrets of Skinny Cooking is complimented by a stunning color photo. Being a cookbook collector, this is what catapulted Secrets of Skinny Cooking to the top of my list.

I personally read cookbooks as one would read a novel. The introduction, sidebars, breakout boxes and informational pages lay the foundation for the recipes. Dwek and Taub have done an exceptional job with the details, explaining the hows and whys. Secrets of Skinny Cooking teaches you how to cut calories and fat without cutting flavor. Recipes are creative, and doable, coupled with strikingly impressive photos which make eating skinny not such a secret any more.