Juicing 101

April 2019

The culinary world is high on the success of its fame, and yet it still remains a novelty for some and daunting for others. The popularity of all things culinary makes it A-OK to play with your food and juicing is no exception. Green juicing can be an acquired taste. Unless the juice is an intriguing vibrant green, the murky color mixture of the juice is a turnoff, and for some even getting that vibrant green juice down is not easy.

We eat and drink with our sense of sight and smell, and a ruddy colored juice is a tough one to get past. To make vegetable juicing more exciting than the standard, kale-tomato-cucumber juice, I’ve created some great tasting juices inspired by some of the worlds most extraordinary culinary corners, Italy, France, Asia, and Mexico.

I do not use said amounts when making my juice. Rule of thumb, if you keep your ingredients to 1-2 pieces, stalks, cups etc…with approximately 6 ingredients you’ll have about 8-12 ounces of juice. If you add more ingredients and/or larger portion sizes you’ll make more juice. Depending on how much juice you want to make adjust your amounts. If you’re looking for nutritional information on fruits and vegetables visit the United States Department of Agriculture National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference